Pack Lightly

5 June, 2017

A dear friend of mine recently went on a one-month trip around Europe. She, her husband, and daughter packed an entire month’s worth of living into one carry-on sized bag each. I’m sorry let me repeat that: One 22″carry-on bag! One Month! Really?

I slightly panicked for them. I mean what about all of the “just-in-case” items they’d never really use for the “what-if” circumstances that never really happen. The extra towels, emergency TP, toiletries, etc. Can anyone else relate?

Got me thinking. The majority of our waking hours are often spent preparing for circumstances that may or may not happen. What about right now, what are the essential things we need to feel free and alive in this very moment?

The truth, is that many of us are packing excess thoughts and worries in our minds that will only short circuit our journey. We can’t enjoy the moment or move with ease into the next one, for fear of the unknown. It makes sense why we should pack lightly. As in the case with my friends, life will send so many beautiful opportunities our way as long as there’s space in our hearts to receive them.

One of my favorite sites on simplifying life is Zen Habits.