The Healing Power of Connection

12 June, 2017

Oftentimes when my clients hear the concept of “self-love” it’s met with a sideways glare and suspicion.  Rightfully so, as most people come to therapy after experiencing more than their fair share of loss.  They’re not quite able to jump on the love train right away. The journey back to love and joy-filled heart is … Continue reading “The Healing Power of Connection”

Pack Lightly

5 June, 2017

A dear friend of mine recently went on a one-month trip around Europe. She, her husband, and daughter packed an entire month’s worth of living into one carry-on sized bag each. I’m sorry let me repeat that: One 22″carry-on bag! One Month! Really? I slightly panicked for them. I mean what about all of the … Continue reading “Pack Lightly”

Grief Recovery: a path to Healing

17 December, 2015

As if loss isn’t tragic enough, it is often followed by a rotation of well-meaning platitudes like “It will get better with time” Or “There are plenty of other fish in the sea.” Does time alone really do the trick or does one have to actively pursue a path of healing? While undergoing my training … Continue reading “Grief Recovery: a path to Healing”

The Anxiety Cure: 7 Strategies that will Change Your Life

18 December, 2015

Studies have shown that “you’re thinking about something other than what you are doing in the moment at least 47% of the time.” Sound about right? If you’re like most people, you spend most of your life daydreaming about your next move often missing the beautiful happy moments unfolding right before your eyes. Annie Dillard … Continue reading “The Anxiety Cure: 7 Strategies that will Change Your Life”