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Hi…I’m Tamika Lewis

I help women and teens live more integrated (honest) lives. The person you present to the world is likely very different from the person you are at home.  Sadly, we spend the greater part of our lives practicing and perfecting a public persona, while struggling inside with anxiety and depression. I help you explore family, gender, and cultural expectations that don’t really align with who you truly are.

No, not everyone is “crazy” and needs therapy, but EVERYONE needs a space to let go and process life’s disappointments. Because pain that isn’t transformed, is transmitted.  It begins to affect our personal and professional relationships and will inevitably trickle down to our families.  Together in a safe and non-judgmental space, we work towards healing. We work to overcome anxiety, depression, and disappointment so that you can experience greater joy and success in your life. I’m happy you found me!

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I lost two dear friends to suicide. These were smart, dynamic, beautiful women. The kind you study and admire from afar. When I got the call about my friend, who was also my roommate throughout college, I was devastated. She was only 25. We were young and had so much life...

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Social exclusion is one of the most emotionally damaging things teens can experience. Research shows that talking about their feelings with someone who genuinely cares, stimulates production of serotonin in teens increasing their overall feeling of contentment and relaxation.

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I work with engaged and newlywed couples who want to keep romance and respect alive in their relationship. Learn about your conflict styles, shared values, and how to communicate your needs before it’s too late.

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OMG where do I begin? Tamika is the best. I’ve been seeing her for about a year and she’s so easy to talk too. I get so excited every time I see her. She gives great advice and really does care for her clients. I am so lucky to know a wonderful soul like Tamika.

A. L.

There are a few people I meet who can make me feel so confident in what I’m doing in the world. Tamika is one of those people for me. As I was building my dream business, I struggled with confidence since I didn’t have a college degree or any fancy certifications. Tamika was able to gently guide me and highlight my strengths, so I could get over my self-doubts that we’re blocking me.

J. S.

As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and colleague of Tamika’s, I have witnessed firsthand her passion for helping people, especially women. Tamika provides a high quality level of support to all she comes in contact with and she is truly an inspirational and resilient woman.

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