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Teens are more driven today then ever before.  The rate of teens taking advanced courses has increased by 20%.  College enrollment in the last 35 years has increased from 5.8 million to 10.4 million.  There is immense pressure to succeed and pursue an extraordinary life, but strangely the pressure isn't coming from parents.

Teens today are in hungry pursuit of perfection, which according to psychologist Michelle Borba has more to do with the rise of social media than overbearing parents.   Instagram and Snapchat have created an appearance culture that make it nearly impossible for any girl to feel comfortable in her skin. 

Too many girls feel stuck wondering, "Am I enough?" - and too many girls answer this question with a resounding "no."

When I was a graduate student at UCLA, I had the opportunity to chat with Arianna Huffington. She offered this unforgettable advice: "we must never forget that whoever controls the language, holds the power."

Language - the words we feed ourselves, the labels we identify with, the stories we make up in our heads - impacts the way we live.  We have the power to change the script. Learning to be kind and accepting of ourselves is the first step towards anxious-free living. 

The 8-Week Anxiety Detox helps teen girls:

  • Develop healthier perceptions of themselves and the world at large
  • Learn coping skills for dealing with issues relating anxiety and peer pressure
  • Learn effective communication skills and boundary setting
  • Develop personal and academic goals that align with their strengths and interests
  • Identify potential colleges based on good-fit
  • Translate life challenges and experiences into powerful college essays
  • Practice stress-reduction exercises to help with performance anxiety

What one mom had to say about the program:

"Tamika was very helpful with my daughter. She found her very relatable and a good sounding block for teen social issues. She helped turn her around. I would highly recommend her."

Stacy F.


Research shows that when girls talk about their feelings with someone who genuinely cares, it stimulates the production of serotonin thereby increasing their overall feeling of contentment and relaxation.  Social exclusion is one of the most emotionally damaging things a girl can experience.  Therefore week one will be focused on:

*Establishing group trust and expectations 
*Identifying personal values
*Knowing who to trust and when it's safe to open up
*Healthy vs. Unhealthy relationships


We all live with insecurities deep in our bellies.  Where does it come from and how does it shape the way we see ourselves and others? Together we'll explore:

*How to quiet the inner critic
*What it means to "fit in"  and the difference between pursuing "power"  versus  "popularity"
*Overcoming thoughts that keep us stuck and afraid
*The CALM method for dealing with haters


With a little more clarity and confidence, the girls are ready to take action.  This week is all about:

*Setting personal and academic goals that are clear, measurable, and achievable
*Defining individual terms for success - what does it look and feel like
*Learning time-management and goal-tracking tools
*Developing practices for avoiding burnout
*Exploring growth versus outcome mindset
*Accountability and partnership

                                                                            MORE PRAISE FROM A MOM:

"Tamika has a special knack with teen girls and can help them navigate those typically turbulent years. That includes the stressful process of college planning and applications.  Tamika has the answers!"     Carey H. 

What one of "the girls" had to say about the program:

"Omg where do I begin? Tamika is the best. I get so excited every time I see her. She gives great advice and really does care for her clients. I am so lucky to know a wonderful soul like Tamika."

Arianna L.

Starting April 11th!

I've been helping to transform the lives of teen girls for over 15 years and I 100% believe in the power of group work.

The group will meet for 8 consecutive weeks on Wednesdays from 7-8:15pm.
Snacks and journals will be provided.

You can't put a value on confidence and peace of mind. As one mom said:
"Our daughter is doing very well now.  She is starting to sleep better, and feels less anxious about things. "

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