Live, Dream, Smile (6-week Anxiety Detox for teen girls)

In her book, Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls, Rachel Simmons uncovers the source of anxiety facing many teen girls. Fear of isolation, self-doubt around body image, and the desire to achieve perfection in relationships, school, at home, etc. robs teen girls of their power and potential. For teen boys self-doubt, performance anxiety and isolation play out in more aggressive forms. The LDS program helps teens regain confidence and hope in their future by challenging distorted beliefs around what it means to be smart, beautiful, and successful. This 6-week series will help teens:

WEEKS 1 and 2: Building a Supportive Peer Group

It’s a fact that serotonin levels rise in women (young and older) when they feel connected to a community.  Research shows that when girls talk about their feelings with someone who genuinely cares, it stimulates the production of serotonin thereby increasing their overall feeling of contentment and relaxation.  Social exclusion is one of the most emotionally damaging things a girl can experience.  Weeks one and two are highly focused on forming honest and authentic connections in the group. We’ll explore desired feelings, personal goals and values, and establish a BS-free zone in which the girls can speak openly in a safe and accepting space. The girls will then learn how to take the power of connection out into their every day life.  They’ll learn how to build peer groups that are supportive and constructive and how to feel comfortable in their own skin.

WEEKS 3 and 4: Beauty, Brains, and Body Image

We all live with insecurities deep in our bellies.  Where does it come from and how does it shape the way that we see ourselves and others?  Together we’ll explore what it means to live honest, courageous, self-empowered lives. We will work through some of the most common conflicts faced by teen girls:  1) Fitting in to the “right crowd”  2) Saying what you really think, rather than pretending 3) Feeling confident with the mind and body you’ve been given  4) Pursuing academic and life goals that reflect YOUR hearts desires 5) Feeling more confident in your skin.

WEEKS 5 and 6: Playing Big and Taking Action

By now the girls have gained more clarity and confidence.  They’re ready to go a little deeper.  This week is all about overcoming the mental blocks that keep us from playing big and more importantly taking action.  I see this repeatedly: Girls with potential through the roof who talk themselves off the ledge of their greatness.  We’ll set clear and achievable goals together and will push our thinking beyond the limits of hidden fears and doubt.  The girls will establish their own standards of success and happiness.  And most importantly take action.  Group members are assigned accountability partners and will work in teams to follow through with various tasks relating their personal, educational, and social goals.

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