Individual Therapy for Women

The root cause of anxiety and depression in women is what I call TOLERENZA.

In silence, we tolerate:

  • Never-ending demands from people around us
  • The pounding noise of self-criticism
  • The absence of intimacy with our partners
  • Days of joyless parenting
  • Unfulfilled dreams and aspirations
  • Toxic relationships
Our bodies fire with signals that something is wrong, that something needs to change, and yet we stay the course.
Using a combination of techniques like CBT, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and EMDR I help women overcome feelings of guilt and shame so that they can live more empowered lives.

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Individual Therapy for Teens

Teens today are told on one hand to “be yourself,” yet social media pumps them with a different message that says, “Must have the perfect body and lead super interesting non-basic lives.” There’s an energy that is dying to come out of teens, but “fitting in” remains their top priority.

Sometimes this repressed energy manifests in depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. Other times it’s masked by irritability or boredom. In my work with teens, we explore the mixed messages they receive, the pressure they feel at school, the fears they have about adulting and getting into the “perfect college,” and so much more.

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Couples Therapy

Relationships expert Alison Armstrong says there are two critical questions that we must be willing to ask in our relationships:

  1. Is there something that I need that I’m not getting?
  2. Have I given up on getting it?

I work with engaged and newly married couples to explore these questions and so much more.

Couples will learn:

  • How to communicate their needs in a loving and honest way
  • How to maintain excitement and passion in their relationship
  • Ways to support each partner’s individual goals and desires
  • How to stay clear of co-dependency and unhealthy expectations

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