"It isn't academic education alone that makes us happy. it's 'how-to-live' education - how to develop a harmonious, moral life, stronger will power, and spiritual understanding - that will bring happiness." ~Paramahansa yogananda 

Purpose:  Columbia professor Andrew Delbanco once said that,"college should strive to be: an aid to reflection, a place and process whereby young people take stock of their talents and passions and begin to sort out their lives in a way that is true to themselves and responsible to others."
Function:  More and more industry sectors are adopting an intuitive approach to service and productivity and its gatekeepers aren't as impressed by GPA's and test scores. They're looking for college graduates who are inventive, self-aware, and proficient in written and digital communication. According to Arianna Huffington in her book Thrive, companies are instating a new metric of success, one that is rooted in wisdom, well-being, and wonder, qualities that lead to exponential growth and overall happiness.  
Keeping purpose and function in mind is critical to the college search process. The college experience should deliver on its golden promise of self-discovery, curiousity, and social responsibility. Colleges must also equip students with the skills and intuition needed to be marketable in their chosen fields.
There are 1,000's of colleges out there that meet this criteria. The key is knowing how to find them and keeping an open mind in the process.  We're shifting the goalpost away from ranking and prestige and helping students consider the bigger picture questions like: 
>>What kind of learning environment works best for me?
>>What majors or careers can I pursue that build on my personal strengths?  
>>How do I want to feel in my life?  Will pursuing {insert major/career} help me feel that way?
>>What kind of people inspire and light me up?
>>What are my values and is staying close to home and family one of them?

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"I feel more prepared to help my son apply to colleges. I couldn't stop taking notes during the personal statement workshop. I'll be telling my friends to sign up."

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"Thank you for creating and compiling such a informative course. My son presently attends UC Berkeley and I have passed on the course details to him because there is so much valuable information he can still benefit from. Thank you! "

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"This course is the perfect tool and serves as a 'one stop shop' to help school counselors effectively assist students in the college planning, exploration and application process. The valuable information shared by the panel of college experts provided me with greater confidence as a counselor to work with my students throughout this process. The structure of the course is practical and convenient providing lots of flexibility to listen to each of the modules at any time. Hands down, the resources are the best! This course is designed with the school counselor in mind. Whether you are a new counselor or seasoned guidance or college counselor, this course is a 'must have' for your counseling department."

Candice Baker, MS, PPS

High School Counselor

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What's Inside?

  • 8 interviews with leading college planning experts in the industry
  • Wide scope of topics including financial aid, personal statemements, UC's, private colleges, community college transfer planning, finding the right-fit college, and test-taking strategies
  • Tips for coping with anxiety around the college planning process
  • Curated list of college planning websites and resources
  • Downloadable guides and worksheets
  • Lifetime access to videos and materials 
  • Bonus interview with Questbridge Scholar and 2nd-year student at Emory University 
  • A 30-minute one-on-one session with me. Parents, students, and counselors I'll answer your toughest questions relating the college application process.

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